Multi-disciplinary team concept

Facial clefts (clefts of the lip and/or palate)) are the most frequent congenital facial anomalies (1 per 600 to 700 births). They are characterized by a large diversity and multiple sequelae.

Multi-disciplinary team approach is the treatment concept adopted by most specialized teams around the world.

Sometimes an pre-natal diagnosis is made during pregnancy. Future parents are informed and supported as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed.

For future parents information will be high on their priority list. Involvement of the team will start from this point onwards. In our center, the pediatric surgeon, a psychologist  and the coordinating nurse of the team will be the first members of the team that future parents will meet.

This will be the starting point of a long personal and therapeutical relationship.

In order to offer answers to the many questions that parents have, members of our team have joined efforts to publish a book entitled:  SMILE

This book is a unique source of information. It offers an exhaustive amount of informative material, supported by an extensive iconography.

A pdf preview is downloadable by clicking HERE. This book is available for online order: click ORDER A COPY

However, personal communication remains essential. Regular meetings with the team, individually or with the whole team, will give parents and patients the opportunity to discuss priorities in the treatment. Members of the team are eager to be accessible as much as possible to the patient and their parents, to support and explain treatment needs and indications, as well as timing and techniques.

Global treatment, individualized and adapted to priorities, needs and patients’ expectations is our permanent and essential goal.




Direction, pediatric surgery:

  • PD. Dr. Anthony De Buys-Roessingh



  • Christelle Jung , specialized nurse


Pediatric surgery:

  • Dr. Oumama El Ezzi

Maxillo-facial surgery:

  • PD. Dr. Martin Broome


  • Dr. Georges Herzog


  • Prof. Dr. Philippe Pasche et Dr. Sophie Fries


  • Céline Lauffs-Béguin et Melody Artaz


  • Josée Despars